Athflow: welcome to a new frontier of style (+ 10 athflow outfits you’ll love)

What is athflow

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Athflow: When life gets tough your clothes get easier

Athflow is the style answer to the new reality that kicked in during 2020. While we all patiently wait for the moment when life will return to normal, we have tired of wearing the same sweats over and over again. For the first time in a long time, “what we need” is the idea that is driving fashion and not what is trendy. And I, for one, am very happy about it.

Athflow balances the comfort we need while spending more time indoors at home, with the increasing desire to dive back into our wardrobes and dress attractively. Maintaining a regular habit of dressing well is also a great mood-lifter and is important for mental well-being.

What is Athflow?

Athflow is the new trend predicted to be fashion’s big thing during 2021. Technically speaking, it’s a mix of Athleisure wear (your athletic clothes) and “flowy” loungewear. Ath-flow. Exactly what we need to stay comfy when working in the safety of our home while being ready to jump on a last-minute call from the office. So cozy. So soft. After all, we all need to snuggle in a warm hug.

“When athleisure meets elegance – that’s athflow” – “professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the sofa.” Pinterest, the popular visual search engine, was the first to coin this term after a colossal surge in internet searches such as “working from home outfits”, “loungewear” or “oversized outfits”.

This new trend is born from the need to strike the right balance between relaxed and polished. Comfortable enough for an afternoon on the couch while still looking presentable enough to meet with your colleagues.
Effortless, Relaxed, Glamorous. (Emphasis on glamour). Get ready to elevate your style quotient: Athlow is here.

How to achieve the perfect Athflow look

  • Neutrals are dominant, but a pop of monochrome color is welcome
  • High-quality cocooning knitwear 
  • Oversized and baggy trousers
  • Soft lines and oversized silhouettes

These are the key points to achieve the athflow look. In this new fashion mode, it’s absolutely fine to mix and match your casual sweatshirts with your sleek pants provided you play along with the principles above. Jogging pants with your cable knit cashmere jumper? And why not?

Retailers are definitely on board with the new athflow trend as they are increasingly offering more sophisticated loungewear attire and more relaxed versions of workwear pieces. Sweatshirts with details such as mock neck or boatneck necklines, puffed sleeves, and modern stitch patterns. Wide-leg trousers made of soft fabrics with ruffle belts. These are the new effortlessly wearable pieces designers are choosing to showcase. Forget the old logoed sweatshirts you are familiar with. Now there are plenty of sleeker choices around to snuggle up in!

The best Athflow pieces to have in your wardrobe

I put together a small collection of what I believe should be the athflow must-haves. This athflow capsule wardrobe features well-loved pieces you can style in multiple ways according to this glamorous new trend.

athflow capsule wardrobe

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  1. White tee
  2. Grey tee
  3. Black tank
  4. Sweatshirt
  5. Balloon-sleeve cream sweater
  6. Teal ribbed sweater
  7. Crewneck sweater
  8. Off the shoulder sweater
  9. Black turtleneck sweater
  10. Cream needle cord joggers
  11. Cropped beige pants
  12. Black jogger pants
  13. Vintage joggers
  14. Cashmere knits pants
  15. Jersey cropped pants
  16. Cream sweater dress
  17. Off the shoulder sweater dress
  18. Wool poncho
  19. Sneakers
  20. Sherpa slippers
  21. Adidas trainers

Athfow outfit ideas to inspire you

From soft jersey to relaxed trouser styles to lightweight ribbed knit sweaters, meet your new style MO. Here you will find some outfits to achieve the Athflow look and grab all the attention at every zoom call;)

athflow best pieces

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athflow outfit ideas

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athflow trend

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athflow outfits

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Final Thoughts

Athflow is a very new trend. Stay tuned. I like to consider this article a WIP, and I will keep updating it as I find essential info to add. Drop me an email or DM on Instagram and show me your athflow vibes, ladies 🙂



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  1. 6.25.21

    I love almost everything here. (I’m not a dress person.)

    But as you say, this is a new trend. What are your thoughts on how much one might invest in it? I’m speaking in terms of making this your style rather than dollars. It fits my lifestyle completely, but I don’t want to end up having to redo my wardrobe in a year or two.

  2. 9.26.23
    Blanks said:

    Very informative. This was a great post to read. Thanks and keep going.